Drill Anywhere: The Ultimate Drill Down Tool

Excel-based Drill-Through to Any Data Source

Drill Anywhere© is an exciting extension to your current report writer which enhances data access within and beyond your ERP system, or any other database! Anyone who regularly reads, reviews and analyzes reports will save time and effort by now being able to retrieve the "story behind the numbers", regardless of where the data resides.

From any report put into Excel, you can now use Drill Anywhere to drill down to any transaction detail data in your ERP system or in any other ODBC-compliant database on your network. Users will no longer have to call the accounting department to ask why a balance is different than they expect. With a mouse-click, they will be able to retrieve the actual transactions which made up the summary balance (e.g. from the GL) they are viewing in the report and then continue drilling into the related sub-ledger detail! And most importantly, they do not have to be licensed users of the source system, which will help to keep the expensive “seats” or users of the ERP system to a minimum.

Drill Anywhere can save a company hundreds of hours per year spent requesting and researching data in reports. Finally an easy-to-use tool that provides end-users with the power to easily and instantly find the data that is important to them.


  • • Excel is used as the drill down environment
  • • Drill down to, for example, GL detail and then drill down another layer to sub-ledger data
  • • Access data from any database on your network by creating drill down queries
  • • Avoid unnecessary ERP (or other software licenses) for users that only need to drill-down from distributed reports
  • • Save hundreds of hours in time and thousands of dollars per year with automatic drill down
  • • Works with any reports you can view in Excel such as Crystal Reports, FRx, and everything else!


  • • Quick and easy Excel Add-in installation
  • • Optional prompts for instant ad-hoc data filtering
  • • Customizable templates for viewing of results
  • • Provides drill down to any ODBC-compliant database (e.g. SQL Server, Oracle, and DB2)
  • • Unlimited number of drill down queries per report
  • • Enhanced and easy to use security capabilities
  • • Drill down query parameters can be passed from Excel reports and from user input
  • • Queries and settings stored in a central MS SQL database
  • • Many configuration options to control returned transactions, test queries and more

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