Performance Management (PM) tools are designed to give your organization a distinct competitive advantage. But when those tools are not operating at their peak performance, neither is your firm. Praxinet offers a highly targeted yet comprehensive Performance Management Health Check Assessment to those clients looking to maximize the investment they have made in performance management applications. This assessment allows clients the opportunity to tap into Praxinet's notable experience and extensive expertise implementing PM-based financial performance management applications in an affordable and efficient manner.


The Assessment evaluates the following areas:

  • Current Situation
  • Functional/Operational Performance
  • Business Processes
  • Application/Security Design
  • Data Load Processes
  • System Administration



Recommendations are made in the following areas:

  • Best Business Process Practices
  • Application/Infrastructure Design
  • Overall Plan for Improvement
  • Phased Implementation Plan with Costs, Timelines and Resource Needs